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My name Alyssa Peek, I am Virtual Presence Coach and Headshot photographer who works with executives and entrepreneurs to make a great first and memorable lasting impression online. After spending over two decades in the fashion industry and the past seven years as a headshot photographer for women over 40 I understand the power of a great image. A powerful image is not about what you look like or simply showing up online but visually expressing what you bring to the table and making a connection with your audience.

My personal branding photography has been seen on billboards in Times Square, New York City bus stops and subways, book covers, marketing material, websites and LinkedIn profiles. I am also a speaker who has been featured on podcasts, webinars and radio shows sharing my insights on “The Power of Image” In addition to my work as a photographer and coach, I am skilled fine art photographer.


I see the potential in others through the lens of love, insight, vision, and heart. I don’t take a picture of what someone looks like, I take a portrait of who they are and who they want to be. I specialize in photographing women in business over 40, helping them to feel comfortable in their bodies and to look and feel ageless. This results in images for their social media and marketing that represent their beauty, confidence, and professionalism.


I combine my love of abstract art and photography into one medium — fine art photography. I create images that transform the experience from something one sees to something one feels. My art is a reflection of how I see the world. A reflection of my soul. My work is printed as limited edition fine art prints, and I work with interior designers for both commercial and residential spaces.


Through the photoshoot process I have helped my clients see the best version of themselves and step into their power with a sense of presence and confidence. Using techniques from photography, my eye as an artist and my intuitive nature I have helped guide my clients to live their best lives, and to feel good from the inside out. In a 30-minute session of Virtual Presence Coaching I will come “into your home” and help you with your specific set up so you can lead with impact in the virtual world. We will review your space, lighting, background, camera positioning and wardrobe, plus bonus Zoom tips and best practices.

Alyssa Peek photographer
Alyssa Peek abstract photo art
Alyssa Peek portrait at a table

The core of my work has always been about connection. Connection to one’s self, to others, and to nature. I hope you will join me in a conversation to see how we can make the world a more beautiful place.